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“Every business document – be it a letter, a report, a memo, an email, or whatever – should seek to persuade its readers. It should persuade its readers to take the action recommended by its writer or to respond in the way that the writer wants. And persuasive business writing is what Peter Frederick’s book is all about. Business writing, as he teaches it, is a lively and vigorous form of English, often using fiction writing techniques. After all, novelists have to persuade their readers to enter the fictional worlds they create and they therefore rely on persuasive writing every bit as much as the business writer. The difference is that Peter Frederick’s business writing is reader-driven: It presents its ideas in a way that will appeal to its readers, shows answers to its readers’ problems, and overcomes its readers’ cognitive dissonance in order to meet objections. In this way, business writing is partly an art, partly a science, and is explained in this creative book.”

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“I love this book! I read a lot about writing but only rarely come across a really worthwhile book on the subject. Peter Frederick definitely knows his stuff and explains simply and clearly the steps that you need to take to create great copy.

If you are writing copy for your website or marketing materials, you can follow his flow charts and rules and get a much better effect. If you are considering taking any online writing courses, read this book first. Frederick has pulled everything you might need to know into one place. For anyone learning to be a better writer, this will help you understand what works, and what doesn't, when you are trying to persuade someone. It has lessons for those writing long page sales copy, email newsletters, CVs, grant applications and more. 5*”

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"With guidelines and rules set out in each chapter, would-be writers are provided with clear instructions on how to make the most out of words."

eManager, August 2011

"If you want to create clear, concise documents that have the power to persuade, then this book will have you up to speed in no time." 
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"I review lots of books on persuasive writing (see the list below) to identify those that will prove useful to the lawyers, accountants, surveyors and marketers who attend my writing courses. As the importance of good quality content increases, there is continuing demand for those who can write persuasive copy for a variety of print and digital media.

I like this book because it starts with the absolute basics, provides a process and then goes on to cover fundamentals about grammar and structure whilst addressing the key elements of persuasion science and it ends with some excellent flowcharts and checklists and 27 helpful writing rules.

Much of the author’s past was in writing bid documents (with a speciality in bids for research funding which is reflected in the book and would be helpful to charities) so he really understands how to sell with writing."

RedStarKim, January 2016

“Designed for everyday use, Persuasive Writing offers practical advice to help readers compile concise, convincing and engaging documents - the ground-work of any approach to the written word.”

Bdaily business news network

“This is the book I wish I'd written. If you want to improve your writing, read this. It has clear and simple guidance for business owners. Well worth investing in.”

ACEInspire's 6 most memorable books for business, mindset

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