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Understanding Minds offers a range of training services, both as pre-packaged courses and bespoke training based on individual needs. 

Who should attend?

Courses are suitable for all organisations and levels of experience. Audiences include:

  • Business managers

  • Business development teams

  • Bid writers

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing and Communications

  • University staff and students

  • Project managers

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Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is essential to almost everything you ever write. If someone else is reading your words, chances are you want to convince them of something. Maybe you want money, maybe a job. Maybe you just want people to keep the kitchen tidy at work. Whatever the reason, you need your writing to be persuasive. This course tells you how.

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Better Business Writing

This course is mainly concerned with making your writing more concise, clear and impactful, allowing your persuasive message to shine through. It covers topics such as concise writing, presentation, writing processes and energising your words. It also provides guides for producing common documents such as emails, websites, CVs and grant applications.

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Persuasive Presentations

Effective presenters can win deals,
build networks and inspire generations, but public speaking strikes fear into the hearts of many. So how do you become a great communicator?

This course will help you discover what makes a great presentation and how to deliver it professionally. Through practical exercises, attendees will build the skills and develop the confidence to deliver persuasive presentations in any situation.

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Persuasive Bidding

This course, the third of three focused on persuasive writing, deals with the world of competitive bidding. Like any business development activity, bidding relies entirely on your persuasion skills to achieve success. However, it is often difficult to identify the key messages and sell them effectively when producing big bids against tight deadlines.

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Persuasion for Employability

Perhaps the most important skill in all business is the ability to persuade. From the moment a student starts planning their career, they must persuade effectively through cover letters, CVs and interviews;  setting up a business requires persuasive funding bids, pitches and applications; once within a job, all communication, written or in person, needs to be persuasive. In short, persuasion skills are vital to employability.

Persuasion for Business

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Being successful in business means being able to persuade others. Whether it is colleagues or customers; whether it is over a handshake or formal bid, your ability to influence is at the heart of your business’ productivity, profitability and growth.  

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Bespoke Courses

Every organisation has different training structures, budgets and content needs. As such, Understanding Minds offers fully bespoke training to suit your requirements.

We offer seminars, courses and workshops ranging from 1 hour to 5 days. These can be delivered as lectures, fully interactive sessions, or anywhere in between.

We can also provide one-one-one and small group work to support bids, tenders and proposals, or any other writing assignment. 

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