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The Blogling Awards!

Everyone loves to win an award, and they always look great on your website/covering letter. The problem is, there aren't many awards to go around. For unpublished picture book authors, there are probably only three or four a year in the UK, which means very few chances to pick up a shiny bauble.

Compare that to the wine industry, where you can't go into a supermarket without finding at least 100 award-winning wines. None of us have any clue if those awards mean anything or not, we just see shiny rosettes on a bottle and by the one with the most bling.

In short, we need more awards so we can all have something to show off to agents, publishers and the public. To help, Blogling has created his own writing competition, and you are all invited to apply.

Judging a writing competition is hard work; you have to read hundreds of entries, most of which aren't very good. Blogling doesn't have time for that, so has created the world's first honesty-based awards scheme. Contestants can self-certify if they deserve an award or not, saving all the hassle of actually submitting stories and assessing them.

This could result in a lot of winners, so Blogling has devised a five-step process to ensure everyone can win a different award.

Now, this is where honesty is really important. You know if your writing is worthy of a winner's badge or if you are operating more at the Participatory Award level. Pick what you think you deserve; after all, we don't want to cheapen the awards.

It's as simple as that. Everyone can get the recognition they deserve without all the hard work, hassle and heartache of old-fashioned competitions. If you've just found out you're a winner, Congratulations! Share your success in the comments below. If you were unlucky enough to miss out on an award this time, quite frankly there's not a lot of hope for you.

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