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My speciality is writing funny, surreal and quirky picture book scripts. I'm no illustrator, so I stick strictly to the words. I've completed over 50 stories, with 30 more actively being written. I love writing in rhyme, but rarely do it as it is so hard to get right.

I'm also building a collection of original fairy tales and fables, and have around five non-fiction concepts on the go.

I have a strong STEM background (my day job is in bid writing for Research and Development) and psychology (see Business link in the menu) and this often creeps into my writing.

Below are some example synopses of picture books I've completed:

My sheep are asleep.png
A postcard for the coastguard.png
Gunther the Hunter.png
The idea.png
Super sloth.png
One Leg, two legs.png
Save Christmas Day.png
I_m not scared.png
Don_t shave the bears.png
Make room for pudding.png
A home for grandpa.png

My Sheep are Asleep – A 221-word picture book script. Jack can’t sleep. He’s tried counting sheep but, unlike Jack, his sheep are asleep! Mum tries to help out but, with the sheep refusing to wake up, Jack and Mum find they need a more ‘imaginative’ solution.

A Postcard for the Coastguard – A 653-word picture book script. Charlie the postman has a delivery for the Coastguard, but they keep being called to emergencies. But, as Charlie chases them across the island, will he become the emergency?


Gunther the Hunter – A 335-word rhyming picture book script. Gunther the Hunter, brave and true, is hunting the Bilious Bork. Across colourful landscapes, Gunther spots lots of clues, but is it the beast he’s looking for?



The Idea – a 309-word picture book script – On the way to school, Molly is struck by an idea, which she just can’t get out of her head. Even though people laugh at her, Molly overcomes her fears and sets out to share it with the world and, maybe, change that world in the process.

Super Sloth – a 252-word picture book script – Little monkey is in danger! But don’t worry; Super Sloth will always be there to save the day…eventually.

One Leg, Two Legs – a 432-word rhyming picture book script – a celebration of diversity and triumph over adversity, this picture book shows children real examples of people whose disabilities have not held them back

Save Christmas Day – an 837 word rhyming picture book script – Santa has overslept and will have to deliver the presents faster than ever. But, as one by one the reindeer drop out, Santa has to take drastic measures to save Christmas day.

I’m not Scared – a 253 word picture book script – Some people aren’t easily scared, not even when a monster with razor sharp teeth and huge claws that’s as big as a truck is standing right behind them. But even the bravest people are scared of something…

Don’t Shave the Bears - a 650 word picture book script - Freddie’s dad has turned into a bear and gone to live in the woods. So, armed with a set of hair clippers, Freddie sets off to find his dad and bring him home.

Make Room for Pudding - a 365 word picture book script – The stomach is full, but dinner’s not over. Take a tour of the human body as Brain resorts to drastic measures to make room for pudding.

A Home for Grandpa - a 248 word picture book script – When Grandpa left us, I missed him. Mum said I should make a home for Grandpa in my heart, but I couldn’t get it right, and Grandpa wasn’t happy. I thought I might lose him forever, until I realised the perfect home was somewhere we could be happy together.

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