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Should I delete my search history?

Dear Blogling,

As a children’s writer, I often have to search for unusual information. The other day I looked at my search history and it is very strange. In fact, I’m worried that anyone else seeing it will think I’ve lost my marbles. Do you think the following are ok topics to see on a search history?

  • The world’s most disgusting foods

  • What does it feel like to milk a cow?

  • How much milk does an average dairy cow produce per day?

  • Average speed of a sloth

  • What does a French duck say?

  • List of native American tribes

  • Weaknesses of common mythical monsters

  • List of common similes

  • How much to you grow in space?

  • What ingredients do you need to make a planet?

Also, my wife keeps asking me what I’m thinking about. When I tell her, she shuffles to the other end of the sofa or says she’s just going to wash her eyebrows, and I’m not even sure if that’s a thing. Should I be worried, or are the following normal thoughts?

  • How do you get a small girl up a waterfall using only fish?

  • If you could gather emotions from different substances, which emotions would correspond to which substances?

  • How many ways can you make someone happy using only a rock?

  • How would you go about hiding livestock in your bedroom?

  • Different ways to deal with an unflushable poo.

Please reassure me that this is normal and that Google isn’t going to report me.

Anxious of Andover

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