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Missing my Mojo

I've been writing for over 6 years now and, despite asking very nicely, still don't have an agent, publisher or any form of recognition. Now, even worse than that, I can't seem to get motivated to write new stuff that might help remedy that situation.

I have loads of partially completed projects, any one of which could be The One. Unfortunately, to my lasting consternation, agents aren't interested in potential.

But, if I did have some interest on the basis of my potential, that would probably motivate me to fulfil it. It's a Catch-22 situation; except it isn't, as that is an international bestseller...

So what to do? I could self-publish, but that's really tricky when I write picture books and my artistic skills would see me kicked out of kindergarten for bringing the school into disrepute. Also, I want the validation of someone who knows what they are talking about saying my children's writing is good.

I could take a break, or refine some of my back catalogue, but I've got 3 more story drafts to write in just over 3 weeks to complete my Story Tornado challenge, so I really need some inspiration quick.

Maybe the answer lies in sport. If I spend enough hours sat in front of the Olympics, maybe that will inspire a story about a javelin-throwing gerbil or a toddler entering the...

Hang on, I've got an idea...

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