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02 - Story Tornado - First Synopsis!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

I've managed to make a meaningful start on the text of eight stories and am close to finishing around three, which is making me feel a whole lot better about the magnitude of this challenge. Having said that, I'm obviously avoiding the more challenging stories, especially the non-fiction ones, So maybe I'm not that far along after all.

Sticking with the positive mindset, though, I have completed a full draft of one story and created a synopsis, so that's one ticked off! Hooray!

Mine Now

Big has taken Little’s hat, but it's hard to get it back when you’re, well, little. When his attempts fail, Little comes up with a radical solution, but not everything goes as planned in this (nearly) wordless picture book.

I guess I'd better create a counter to keep track of progress:

Ok, that's just depressing...

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