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07 - The End is Nigh...

It's July already, and just 6 and a half weeks until my August 24th deadline. Work commitments, a lack of imagination and some false starts were threatening to derail things, but two new (and mercifully short) stories came to the rescue. Here's the latest selection:

Fishy Heaven - FLUSH! Goldie has gone to Fishy Heaven but Lily misses her flippered friend and decides to follow. But when it is time to go home, Lily finds it’s not that easy to leave heaven. Can Goldie and her newfound fishy friends come to the rescue?

Pandora's Socks - Everyone in Olfacton knows there is one thing you must never do – take off Pandora’s socks. Everyone, that is, except her new Teacher, Mrs Meanie. As Pandora’s pong engulfs the town, can the people stitch together a solution before it’s too late?

Can I Play With Your Dinosaur? - Billy wants to play with Bobby’s toy dinosaur, but when Bobby says no, things quickly get out of hand. The boys see sense just before they destroy the world, but they still can’t decide what to do. Maybe you can help them do the right thing.

Give me Back my Nose!- When Rose’s nose goes missing, she heads to the zoo to find a new one. After trying out the animal kingdom’s coolest conks, will Rose find the nose of her dreams?

Sorry for the censorship; some ideas are just too good to share!

Another 5 makes it 26 story drafts. Another four in a month is definitely possible, especially as I nearly have my lower-middle grade story drafted (sadly, it still only counts as one draft...) That just leaves three more stories, and I've got a week in the Lake District coming up, which has got to be a good thing.

The last time a row of green dots looked this impressive was at the finals of the World's Biggest Bogey!

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