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05 - Wooooah, we’re halfway there…

Halfway. 50%, ½ ,0.5. However you say it, reaching the middle is a pretty good place to get to. Unless it’s the middle of nowhere, of course.

Let’s let this sink in for a moment. I’ve completed 15 picture book scripts in 3 months, fully paginated and with synopses. And some of them are quite good. Here are the latest synopses:

Doug’s Ultimate Creature - The pupils at Miss Minerva’s School for Little Demigods have to make the ultimate creature for their end of term project, but Doug can’t think of anything. His classmates have made animals that can run, fly, swim and sing, but Doug’s Ultimate Creature is going to outshine them all…just as soon as he works out what it is.

Tantrum Shop - Upset by something? Is no-one listening? Then why not come down to the Tantrum Shop! Whether its weeping, wailing or a whirling rampage, we have the emotional outburst for you. Just don’t spend too long choosing your tantrum, or you may just forget why you wanted it…

That’s Not a Dog! - It can be hard to run a pet shop when you don’t have any pets to sell. With the help of the local zoo, one shopkeeper comes up with a creative solution. But as the chaos mounts, has he been a bit too creative?

Pirate Sloth - Blackbear, Anne Bunny, Calico Jackrabbit; The Squirrel’s Revenge is crewed by the most feared pirates of their age. But when it is Edward Slow’s turn to take charge, the Royal Navy seize their chance to capture the bloodthirsty buccaneers. Being slow got them into this mess; can it also get them out? Includes biographies of the real-life pirates behind the animal crew.

Woof Woof - Dogs say ‘Woof woof,’ don’t they? Of course they do, except in Russia, where they say ‘Gav gav,’ or in Poland, where they say ‘Hau hau.’ Discover the weird and wonderful ways animals speak in this global tour of barks, quacks, bleats and roars.

Pleased as I am about reaching the halfway mark in 3 months, I know I’ve only done so by grabbing the low-hanging fruit. There are a number non-fiction books on the list, and they always take ages to pull together (even an example for submission), so I expect the next few months to be a bit challenging.

But let’s not let that spoil things now. Roll out the SynopsometerTM!

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