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04 - Double Digits - ten stories down, 20 to go...

The Story Tornado is sweeping up everything in its path; teddy bears, sheep, ramblers, sandwiches and a lot of dirt. we can now add 7, yes, SEVEN more synopses to the pile!

Ten Thousand Steps a Day

Dad has to get more exercise, so we’re all going for a walk. Join us for a rhyming ramble over meadows, through woods and past pyramids. Pyramids?? I think we may have got a little bit lost…

The Sandwich of Doom

Dad says he can eat anything, so let’s put him to the test! Explore the Sandwich of Doom, stuffed full of some of the world’s most ‘interesting’ delicacies, including a fruit that smells like a skunk, the world’s hottest chillies and a cheese that can run away!


Millie hates dirt but, every time she cleans something, she makes another thing dirty. Millie thinks she’s found the answer with a little inspiration from a furry friend, but instead find out that a little bit of dirt isn’t so bad, after all.


Bug has found a nice warm place to live inside you, but when his home starts to get crowded, he sets out to find somewhere new. This charming tale introduces children to the bugs that make us poorly, and teaches them how to stop them finding a home in you.

Shear Embarrassment

Sidney the Sheep thought shearing would be fun…but now he’s naked! If he can just get back to his field without anyone noticing, he’ll be fine, but that’s easier said than done in a farmyard filled with hilarious hazards.


Alfie has a problem: his poo won’t flush, and Mum won’t be happy. So, armed with an array of plungers, pokers and pushers, Alfie sets about persuading his poo to go, with explosive results!

Teddy Bear Detective

Mr Snuggles is missing. Has he been kidnapped to create an evil clone army? Probably not, but Archie, Teddy Bear Detective, is going to investigate anyway. Will he find Mr Snuggles? Will he save the world? And will he successfully hide three thousand teddy bears from his mum?

Let’s update the Synopsometer:

I think this calls for a celebration...

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