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03 - Monster Plants and Witches - Two more (not so scary) stories

Story Tornado is starting to spin a bit faster. I now have rough first drafts of 8 ideas, and have paginated drafts for another two! I’m sure the pace will drop, but I still feel the goal is reachable. As promised, synopses of the slightly scary stories:

Don't Panic!

Don’t panic, it’s only a giant carnivorous plant with an unexpected appetite for tour parties. As the tour guide tries and fails to extract the group from their perilous predicament, the important thing is to stay calm, and not, under any circumstances, to panic.

Why Worry, Worry Witch?

The Worry Witch loves her job, filling children up with doubt and stress. That is, until she meets Ellie. No matter what she tries, Ellie just won’t worry. Soon, the Worry Witch worries that she’s not any good. But don’t worry; Ellie is on hand to help her look on the bright side.

Let’s update the Synopsometer:

It’s beginning to look a lot like progress…

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